Norwegian Cities To Dump Windows Phone, Adopt Android


Windows Phones will reportedly be retired in the municipal offices of "over 100" cities in Norway, and Android devices will be taking their place. Norwegian officials in municipal offices like The Ministry of Health And Care Services have long clung to Windows Phone as a no-frills bastion of mobile security that was capable of running everything they needed to run, including a Windows Phone-exclusive medical records management platform called Gerica IT. No officials or businesses stated exactly when they were planning on making the transition, which most likely means that individual offices will begin making the switch when their current crop of Windows Phone devices starts to wear down and show their age, or piece by piece as those devices fail.

The reason for the move is a reflection of Windows Phone's standing in the current mobile market; they are moving to Android simply because cheap, reliable Windows Phones, such as Microsoft and Nokia's well-known and colorful Lumia devices, can no longer be obtained in bulk, and would be impractical to hunt down piecemeal in the sort of numbers that officials would require to build out a suitable fleet of business phones for municipal staff. Current options in the Windows Phone device stable are mostly either quite expensive, such as HP's Elite X3, or dirt cheap with quality to match. Android, on the other hand, has a number of fairly good budget options that could serve the various purposes that Windows Phones currently serve quite well.

According to Snorre Johansen, the sales manager of Tieto Norway, one of the nation's biggest IT firms and holder of many a local government contract, Microsoft is talking things out with officials and business leaders who currently depend on Windows phone, but many remain unconvinced. Reportedly, Tieto is currently in talks to create an Android port of Gerica IT, or a suitable alternative for The Ministry of Health And Care Services to use in its place. That association, at least, will only be making the jump to Android once Tieto has finished their work. For the time being, many offices will be utilizing more in-depth fleet management for their Windows Phone devices to keep their security as tight as possible and to promote safety measures to preserve the hardware for as long as possible.

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