Nextbit Acquired By Razer, Will Remain As Standalone Business

AH Nextbit Robin 11

Nextbit and Razer have both today confirmed that Nextbit is ‘joining Razer’s family’. While it is now official that Nextbit has been acquired by Razer, there are currently no details on the particulars of the deal between the two companies, other than the confirmation that the deal was closed earlier this month and that Razer has picked up the “majority of the assets”, as well as the management and employees of Nextbit.

In spite of the acquisition, and according to both companies, Nextbit is not changing any of their structure as part of this move. In fact, Nextbit and Razer have confirmed that Nextbit will continue to operate “as an independent division” within Razer. According to the announcements, Nextbit’s primary focus will remain on creating “unique mobile design and experiences”. As such Nextbit is keen to explain that nothing is actually changing from the consumer perspective at all. In terms of current Nextbit Robin owners, Nextbit state that they will continue supporting their customers and devices. Likewise, warranties will continue to be supported “for 6 more months” and software updates (security or otherwise) will continue to be provided for another year, up until Feb. 2018. In the meantime, Nextbit has confirmed that Robin smartphone sales have now been stopped through all official channels. At the moment, this is largely the extent to the details that have been officially provided by both companies.

This is an interesting move on both accounts. From Razer’s perspective, this sees the company effectively moving into the mobile sphere. While Razer has previously made other acquisitions, like that of the gaming-focused OUYA or the audio-focused THX, this one is certainly going to be one of the more interesting ones due to its distance from Razer’s core business. Although, if the details are to be believed, then it seems unclear as to how much influence or impact Razer will have on the Nextbit brand moving forward, due to the confirmation that Nextbit will remain an ‘independent division’ and distant from the Razer parent company. Either way, neither announcement looked to provide any details on what, or even whether, any new hardware would come from Nextbit, following its acquisition by Razer.