New Photos Allegedly Show The Galaxy Note 7 Battery Test Lab


Pictures have surfaced via Twitter that allegedly show part of the extensive testing Samsung undertook to find and solve the exploding phone phenomenon associated with the company's Galaxy Note 7.  However, isn't at all surprising that Samsung went to such lengths to discover the underlying issue. This is especially true, considering how much the problem hurt the company – despite that some users have still refused to give up their beloved devices. The images are said to portray one of the tests that Samsung conducted on the Galaxy Note 7 after it instituted its massive recall last year. Although the validity of the images hasn't been confirmed, Samsung did release a statement recently about just how extensive those tests were. That said, the photos themselves should be taken with a grain of salt, as they weren't released through official channels.

The pics were shared by Twitter user @arter97 on January 22nd, and show a room filled with slotted racks. Each row of the racks appears to have more than one hundred of the now-recalled devices slotted onto it and connected to chargers. There are five rows on each rack. Not surprisingly, there seem to be what looks like very impressive fire-suppressant systems mounted above each of the racks. One photo also shows an additional, more traditional, fire extinguisher sitting on the floor. The racks fill what looks to be a warehouse-sized room, with several suspected employees milling around in the background.

The story of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 started out well enough. The device made some great improvements over the previous member of the Note family and was on track to be among the best-selling smartphones on the market. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before reports started surfacing of critical meltdowns both during charging – and while not charging. It should be said here that incidents of smartphones catching fire, exploding, or failing are not entirely unheard of. Although devices have steadily gotten safer over the years, complex technologies will always have weaknesses built right in because of the complexity itself. Whether the photos of the testing facility are real or not, Samsung's latest statements seem to point to a much safer battery in the future.


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