New Google Assistant Update Adds “Share Screenshot” Button

January 11, 2017 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak

A new server-side update for Google Assistant improves Google’s AI helper with a “Share Screenshot” button that allows people to quickly take screenshots of their screens and share them with third-party apps. Numerous users reported they’ve started seeing the option on Tuesday while running the latest beta build of Google Assistant. The “Share Screenshot” button is reportedly appearing to the right of the “Send Feedback” option located beneath the app’s cards and can even be accessed without waiting for all of the cards to load by swiping up and toggling Google Assistant’s full-screen mode. Tapping the option triggers the standard screenshot animation followed by an Android system menu for sharing screenshots with another app. The feature currently doesn’t support taking screenshots of one’s home screen and can only be used to screenshot information displayed by another app.

The Mountain View-based tech giant has yet to comment on this new functionality that’s reportedly available in the 6.10 beta version of Google Assistant which started rolling out last week. The ability to take screenshots without having to press a combination of physical device keys has been a popular feature among users of Google’s Screen Search, previously known as Now on Tap. While Google Assistant attempts to serve as an alternative to Screen Search, its interface is still lacking certain features from Google’s older solution. Regarding the screenshot ability specifically, that feature has recently been removed from Screen Search. The fully fledged mobile version of Google Assistant is currently only officially available on the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL, though there’s a way to install this AI helper on any phone running Android 7.0 Nougat and later, as long as the device is rooted.

Those running the latest beta build of Google Assistant can see whether they’re able to access the new “Share Screenshot” option by long-pressing their home button on any screen apart from their home screen. Google Assistant is expected to receive some major updates in the coming months as the Mountain View-based company is preparing to ship it with third-party devices including phones, Android TVs, and wearables running Android Wear 2.0.