Netflix Android App Updated With Support For SD Card Storage


The latest version of the Netflix app now allows users to store content on their device's SD cards. While Netflix had previously made available the ability to store content offline to be viewed later, the feature was only available to a device's internal storage. Now, the same content can be stored to external storage as well. Which will be of particular importance to those who are limited in terms of how much internal storage they have available on their devices. As now, the amount of Netflix content that you can carry with you and view offline will only be determined by the size of the SD card being used.

The latest version of the app is v4.13 and is already showing up as available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, devices which already have the Netflix app installed should see the update rolling out in due course. The changelog for the app does not seem to include much else but does make it clear that "SD Card support" is now included. As well as explaining that to set the storage location (internal vs external), users will need to head to the "Download Location" tab in the app settings menu and adjust the setting to either 'Internal Storage' or 'SD Card'. Besides the new external storage feature, the only other listed change is the inclusion of various bug fixes.

It is lastly worth noting that the Google Play Store listing does point out that the ability to make use of the SD card storage feature "is not available on all devices". At present it is unclear if that means that it is not available on all devices that come with an SD card slot, or whether this is Netflix's way of noting that not all devices actually do come with an SD card slot in the first place. As obviously, you will need an SD card slot to be able to make use of the new feature. Either way, if you have yet to download the Netflix app and would like to give the new feature a try, you can pull the latest version of the app through the link below.


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