Mohu AirWave Antenna Aids In Cord-Cutting


Mohu has been one of the bigger names in helping out those fleeing from the trappings of conventional cable companies for a while now, and their new AirWave antenna aims to make cord cutting simpler and more painless than ever before. The new antenna is quick and easy to set up, and only needs to be somewhere it can catch TV airwaves and Wi-Fi. With those ingredients in place, you can use the Mohu AirWave to beam live TV or streaming content from providers like Hulu to a variety of devices. On the live TV side, the device can show you up to 14 days of what shows to expect and when, depending on the source. The Mohu AirWave is the first such device to combine traditional TV and content from providers like Hulu and Amazon, and can remotely send content to devices through the Mohu TV app.

The Mohu AirWave does not have traditional connectors like HDMI, VGA, coaxial, and DisplayPort – it is completely wireless. In order to interface with your device of choice, the Mohu AirWave boasts compatibility with a large number of devices, including Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV stick, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, and Chromecast. There is also a web client, allowing content to be streamed wirelessly to just about any device with a compatible browser, including most PCs and even some video game consoles. The device also has Mohu's own ClearPix Technology, made to reduce pixelation and make for a cleaner, sharper viewing experience on any device, even older or lower resolution TVs with compatible devices hooked up.

When the Mohu AirWave first drops at some point during spring of this year, it will be a Best Buy exclusive, and will cost $150 upfront. Since it provides live TV content for free and serves as a remote serving device for content from streaming providers, the price of entry here is not bad at all. Keep in mind that it won't plug directly into your average TV, and you will need a compatible device or a way to stream to your smart TV, such as a compatible web browser or a way to load Android apps on the TV.


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