Meet The Automated Wine Bar You Can Use At Home

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There is a continuous effort to modernize everyday objects by turning them into smart and connecting technologies. One of the latest to enter the Internet of Things is the D-Vine Connect, an application that allows wine drinkers to enjoy their choice of drink more. The application was created by a French startup called 10-Vins and is targeted for everyone who loves to drink wine.

The D-Vine Connect is available with an embedded tablet. With the help of its technology, a selected wine is set to the right temperature and once the drink is ready it is decanted from a dispenser. You can think of the app as your own personal wine bar at home as a way to impress your dinner guests. It also works to help give out perfect wine-food pairings to help you pick out the best wine for a dinner you’re hosting. Depending on your tastes and the meal you’re preparing, the device can start making its recommendations until you find something you’ll enjoy. The machine also functions as a wine manager, allowing you to order a bottle you like in just one click. If you can’t find a drink, it can recommend a new option based on your favorite wines and consumption. There’s also the option to manually order a new bottle of wine, especially if you’re into trying out different options.

As manufacturers and developers are continually getting ready for CES 2017 in Las Vegas this week, 10-Vins is following suit as the startup is getting ready to show off their device during this big tech trade show. When it comes to using the technology, all it takes is to click just one button on the device with the help of artificial intelligence. Another feature of the D-Vine Connect is that it can make you feel like you’re visiting a vineyard. As you’re tasting a new wine, a short movie is played on the screen with the oenologist giving a few tips on the wine you’re enjoying. Prior to its launch at CES, 10-Vins has already been able to sell over 600 units of the D-Vine Connect in 2016. If you’re interested in this particular wine accessory tool, you can expect to see it in a number of hotels and cities throughout the country.  After it launches, the technology is set to be available in hotels and in larger cities around the U.S. Accompanying this, 10-Vins is getting ready to open a wine lounge bar in California towards the end of the year. The technology is available for $840 with a projected launch date set for sometime in the later part of 2018.