LG Sends Out Invites For MWC Press Event On Feb. 26th


LG has sent out invites for their Mobile World Congress press event happening on February 26th, confirming that they will be at the mobile-focused trade show and further suggesting that they’re next flagship will be officially announced at that time, although it’s already been suspected as LG announced their 2016 flagship at Mobile World Congress, and other big-name brands such as Samsung will be doing the same, so there’s no reason why LG would wait.

Their press invite image doesn’t reveal much in terms of details and it certainly doesn’t mention any specifics in terms of hardware, but it does make a statement that says “see more, play more,” starting off at first with what looks like half an image, then expanding to reveal the full image along with the message. It’s quite likely that this image is teasing the LG G6 as it changes from a simple rectangle shape to a longer phone-shaped picture with rounded corners. The LG G6 is also something which the company has already teased at least once, with their recently posted YouTube video that asked consumers on the street about what they would have on their wishlist for an ideal smartphone. In this video and on other occasions, a bigger screen without having a bigger phone was referenced, so this see more play more message could be teasing the inclusion of a bigger display that allows users to see more of the content they’re interacting with and enjoying without having a bigger phone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will have a larger display with a small screen to body ratio, though, and it could simply be referencing the new 5.7-inch QHD+ screen, a high resolution super wide LCD display that LG announced earlier this month. While doesn’t mention any exact information, their invite does say that the event is an unveiling event, which means they will have something to announce, and that is most certainly going to be hardware, with the hardware likely being their flagship for 2017. Of course, nothing is technically confirmed until LG actually unveils something, but there’s not much else that LG could have in the works for a huge event like Mobile World Congress, although they will likely have more to show off than just one thing.