John Malone: Big Cable Could Unify For T-Mobile Acquisition


According to the chairman of Liberty Media Corporation, John Malone, three of the biggest entities in cable, being Cox, Charter, and Comcast, could potentially band together to buy up T-Mobile in response to the increasing convergence of the wireless and cable spaces, moving toward the creation of a unified telecom and media space. Specifically, he noted that such a gigantic convergence deal could be made possible by the decline of oversight and loosened standards regarding things like internet providers and antitrust provisions under Donald Trump. While Cox, Charter, and Comcast have not stated anything to this effect themselves, all three are already working on plans to enter the wireless space, whether by their own resources or through MNVO deals with existing carriers, such as Comcast's deal with Verizon.

Malone's words did not draw much fanfare from the companies that he spoke of. T-Mobile, for their part, refused to make an official statement in response, but a representative pointed out a statement made by CEO John Legere on January 5th, saying that cable companies trying to break into the wireless space would "be in full retreat" by the end of 2017, which implies an unwillingness to go through with a deal like the one speculated as a possibility by Malone. Comcast and Charter, for their part, remained silent on the matter. Cox, on the other hand, said that while they have a policy against commenting on merger speculation, they're open to any investment and partnership opportunities that they feel would be good for them.

It is worth noting that John Malone holds stake in Cox, and the rest of his portfolio puts him in a prime position to get a front row seat to the convergence of the telecommunications, entertainment, and cable industries that all signs are currently pointing to as an eventuality. While T-Mobile seems to be sternly refuting the possibility of a merger like this, the possibility is there, in theory. For the part that Trump's administration plays in making the three-way purchase a possibility, it should be be noted that many in his administration are openly against net neutrality, so it's not a stretch to imagine more lax antitrust standards, especially in the communications world.

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