Huawei & The Saatchi Gallery To Explore The Selfie


Huawei has announced a partnership with the Saatchi Gallery on a new exhibit meant to highlight the history, attributes, and meaning of the selfie. Additionally, the Saatchi Gallery will be hosting a contest for the most creative selfies out there, and will be displaying the ten best selfies in an exhibit, and handing out Huawei P9 units to those winners. The big winner will get to have a "priceless photography experience". All entrants will get fifteen minutes of fame by being featured on the web page for the contest on the Saatchi Gallery's website. When the smoke clears, the Saatchi Gallery will have a new exhibit consisting of four galleries, all focused on the humble selfie and its significance and history in society.

The exhibit's four galleries will each have a different focus. The first gallery will center around the history of the selfie, or the self-portrait as it has been known up until the age of smartphones. The second gallery's focus will be on some of the most iconic, historic selfies in the history of the art. The third gallery will not only focus on interactive works in a more modern tone, but will show off the ten winners of the selfie contest. The fourth and final gallery in the new exhibit will center on self-expression, exclusively featuring photos created with the Huawei P9.

To enter the contest, you will have to submit your selfies through the Saatchi Gallery's website, under the selfie section. This page is also where all of the contest entries will be displayed. The rules state that you have to be 16 years of age or older, and can only submit up to six selfies. The contest carries that hashtag #SaatchiSelfie on social media, but simply posting a photo with that hashtag will not count as an entry. Since the entries are largely unmoderated, given the artistic tone of the contest, those heading to the page to check out the entries or hand in their own should be warned that they will likely run into some content that is not safe for work. The deadline to submit entries for the contest is March 12.

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