This Google Pixel Concept Is Quite The Attention Grabber

This Google Pixel concept is quite the attention grabber, especially if you're someone who either really appreciates the design of the actual Google Pixel and/or really enjoys rendered concept designs that are created to display someone's personal vision of what a device should look like. While it doesn't explicitly say that these are concepts meant to be of the next Google Pixel phone that Google will potentially unveil this year, given that the first Pixel and Pixel XL were announced and later launched in the middle of last Fall, chances are likely that these are designs dreamt up to showcase what this designer wants the new Pixel to look like, and what can be assumed would be called the Pixel 2.

The design of the phone takes heavy inspiration from the currently available Pixel and Pixel XL, but also very clearly has a set of differences that, depending on your outlook of the original phone's design, may refine the style a little bit. One very noticeable change would be the placement of the camera and LED flash module, which is now placed in the middle of the back of the device and is in line with the fingerprint sensor, whereas the camera and LED flash module on the Pixel and Pixel XL are located in the left corner.

A perhaps more subtle change would be the use of a chamfered edge that travels all the way around the device on the front and back of the phone. There is a slight chamfered edge on the front of the Pixel and Pixel XL, but there is no chamfered edge on the back, and the chamfered edges in this concept design are quite a bit more pronounced. The biggest change might be the use of dual front-facing speakers, which we can only assume are meant to envision stereo sound. The use of a single speaker on the Pixel and Pixel XL has been one of the bigger complaints about the device soon after it first launched, and its placement on the bottom only made things worse as it was easy to cover up. With this concept that wouldn't be an issue and it's clear that the creator certainly felt the same way as many consumers about the speaker on the Pixel devices that Google launched. USB Type-C for the charging port as well as a 3.5mm audio port remain, and the power and volume buttons appear to be in the same spot, although it looks like the SIM card tray was placed lower on the left side of the device. Most interesting, is that it looks like the concept features two speakers on the back of the device as well, just above the rear-facing camera, which would certainly make for a device that could pump out some serious sound, not to mention ensure that the audio was good quality no matter if you placed the phone face down or face up.

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