Google Opinion Rewards Will Now Audibly Notify Users


Google Opinion Rewards has a new update that gives users the option to turn on notification sounds for whenever a new survey or task is available. This fixes a major pain point with the app, being that users often missed survey windows while going about their normal daily business because the surveys would expire by the time they got a chance to look at their phone, or the notifications would go away for one reason or another after a while, as notifications sometimes do. This update makes Google Opinion Rewards an even better way for Play Store fans to earn a bit of money to spend on their favorite apps, games, and media in the Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards has been improving just a bit with each release, becoming more full-featured and stable over time. The collection of available questions has sometimes dipped into rather tantalizing territory, to boot, with questions about things like Project Ara and the name candidates for Android N popping up. Google often seems to be using the app as a test bed for ideas in the Android space. The user interface has been updated recently to be more in line with the rest of Google's app suite, though it was far from the most recent to do so, and some apps are still in need of a makeover.

Google Opinion Rewards has been around since 2013, and the basic premise has never really changed. Google can gather a lot of data from user activity and trends, but some data can only be accurately collected by asking users direct questions, which is exactly what the app has always done. Questions about market trends and product preferences, device use cases, and pop culture have all ended up on the screens of Google Opinion Rewards users over the years. One thing that has always plagued the service is users saying that they're not getting enough survey opportunities, and Google not revealing exactly how they figure out who should be doing what surveys and when. Hopefully, today's update should alleviate that at least a little by ensuring that users get a fair chance to participate in each survey that they're entitled to.


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