Google Has Opened Daydream To Developers For Publishing

Google has opened up Daydream to developers for publishing, allowing anyone and everyone who has an account on the Google Developer Console to submit their apps for use with Google’s Daydream View VR headset, as well as future Daydream headsets that are to be launched by other OEMs, when they eventually launch. As any developer will now have the opportunity to publish their apps to the platform, much more content should become available to use, and this is a really great thing for anyone who has a compatible device to use with the headset, because it means there will be a lot more content to enjoy.

It’s not entirely clear when Google opened up this option, but chances are that it was very recently, and more than likely it was earlier this morning. Nevertheless, whatever the time was, developers can now submit their apps and games which can be anything from small indie developers to large developers which had not yet been selected by Google, as they have only been working with those they have chosen to brings apps and games to the platform up until now. Google alerted developers in a couple of different ways to the news, as they informed any developers that were signed up as a Daydream Access Program partner via email that they could now publish content for the platform. They had also posted details of this monumental change on the main page of the Google Play Developer Console so even if developers missed the email they would see this information on the Developer Console page.

While the Daydream platform immediately sounded promising to developers as well as consumers, one of the areas where it has been lacking since it launched late last Fall was in the area of content, and it isn't an unfair statement to say that content is king when it comes to things like this. When it comes down to it, consumers just won't have a very good experience with a product like the Daydream View and the Daydream VR platform if there isn't enough content to excite them, no matter how good the product is. That is all changing and now that all developers who wish to do so can publish their apps and games to the platform, the content should increase in rather large amounts and probably at a much quicker pace. Google also just recently extended support for the Daydream platform to four new devices over the past few weeks, so more consumers will be able to enjoy the content.

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