Google Cloud Next '17 Keynote Speakers Announced


Google's annual Google Cloud Next conference is touted as one of the most influential conferences in the world of cloud computing, and judging by the list of keynote speakers, this year should be no different. For starters, we have Eric Schmidt, one of Google's founders. Google's current CEO under Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, will also be hitting the stage. Both of them will be talking about their vision for the company and for the future of cloud computing and Google's place in it, while senior VP of Google Cloud Diane Greene will focus a bit more on the here and now of Google. There are others, of course.

The three day event, kicking off on March 8, will be full of all sorts of content like workshops, sessions, and intimate talks. There will be a lot to take in for anybody even remotely interested in Google and all that they do in the tech world, but as with just about any industry conferences, the keynote speeches will be the highlight of the whole thing. A few particularly talented and prominent Googlers will be shaking up the stage alongside the big names; Fei-Fei Li, a chief scientist for Google's cloud and AI efforts, will be along for the ride, as will chief internet evangelist Vint Serf, and Sam Ramji, vice president of Compute and Developer Services.

The keynote speaker lineup for this year's event looks pretty great, and with fun and informative content like code labs, certification programs, and boot camps scheduled as well, this is shaping up to be one heck of a conference, though it may not have all of the swagger of something like Google I/O, or the wide appeal of the recently concluded CES. Still, if you happen to have a keen eye on Google and be involved in the wild world of cloud computing, the event may be well worth the $999 price of admission for early birds. That price is only available until January 17, at which point the tickets will jump up to a whopping $1,499 each. Registration at the early bird price is open right now, and the registration form can be found through the source link.

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