Google Assistant Can Now Inform You Of Perfect Wine Pairings

Google Home AH NS 01

Google Assistant can now inform you of perfect wine pairings as Google has added a new set of conversation actions that can be completed by speaking to it. Those with a Google Home speaker, for example, will now be able to ask Google what wine would pair best with a dinner they’re eating. In all there are ten new conversation actions that users can access which have been added to the growing list. There is also a new action which can tell you if something your dog ate (or something you wanted to feed your dog) was safe for it to eat and digest.

While finding the perfect wine pairing or figuring out if your dog ate something they shouldn’t have won’t apply to everyone, they do seem to be fairly useful functions and will be just a couple of the actions that will be part of a larger collection as time goes on. With Google Assistant and Google Home still being pretty new, it might take a little time for more conversation actions to become available for the platform, but that process is surely going to speed up a whole lot thanks to Google opening up conversation actions to third-party developers, which will make it possible for more than just those handpicked by Google to develop conversation actions that can end up being used.

Soon enough, the Google Home won’t be the only device with Google Assistant that will be able to access and initiate conversation actions for users, as Google is already working on making conversation actions compatible and usable with the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Beyond these two devices, the LG G6 is also now rumored to be coming with Google Assistant on board, so should that actually be the case then it could be a third phone that is able to make use of the conversation actions. In addition to the two actions listed above, there are also now actions called Music Ear Trainer, The Magic Door, and Spelling Master. While it’ still the early days for Google Assistant and Google Home, eventually there will be a wide range of actions for the platform that make both the software and the products that it’s integrated with more useful.