Galaxy Note 7 Probe Results To Be Revealed By End Of January


It seems like Samsung plans to announce results of an investigation into what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 soon. As most of you know, the Galaxy Note 7 is a real thorn in Samsung's boot, the company had introduced their flagship phablet back in August, and after great reviews at first, the Galaxy Note 7 units started catching fire, and until this day, we still don't know what exactly went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7, despite the fact most people are blaming the battery Samsung used here, even though the company did ship new units, with new battery packs, and that did not help.

In any case, the company might finally reveal what went wrong by the end of January, at least if the source is to be believed. The JoongAng llbo newspaper reported that it will happen this month, as the news outlet cited unnamed sources. Samsung got hit with a $5+ billion loss due to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, after two recalls the company decided to stop selling the device altogether, which resulted in huge losses for Samsung. As already mentioned, many people are still blaming the Galaxy Note 7 battery packs for the fires, but it is also possible that Samsung's design is to blame here. Several sources reported that the Galaxy Note 7's body is simply too small, and that there's not enough room inside of the device for heat dissipation, which, in the end, resulted in all those phones to 'explode'.

We could guess what went wrong all day, but it would be best to wait and see what Samsung has to say, as the world is eagerly awaiting for more info about all that. The Galaxy Note 7 issues managed to disappoint quite a few users, and some of them even opted to keep the device, despite the fact Samsung basically asked everyone to return it for their own safety, and the company is going out of their way to force users to stop using the phone by limiting its battery capacity, killing some of its features, etc. All in all, the Galaxy Note 7 could have been the best smartphone of 2016, and instead of that, it became one of Samsung's greatest failures.

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