Forbes Puts Out Projections For T-Mobile's Q4 Earnings


T-Mobile is going to be making their earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2016 on Monday, January 23, and Forbes has laid out their own projections for what the main bullet points of T-Mobile's earnings report will look like, though they've stuck to what investors may want to know and left out many details such as churn, subscriber additions, and what company spending happened where, such as network improvements and promotions. According to Forbes, Monday is expected to see T-Mobile reporting $9.84 billion in total revenue for the quarter, with earnings of $0.29 per share. A somewhat less official number pegs the earnings per share at a slightly higher $0.32.

This projection comes on the heels of an altogether pretty great third quarter earnings call back in October, and T-Mobile's stocks reaching the highest that they have been in a year's time on Thursday. The Un-Carrier is doing pretty well, even seeing its stock prices dwarf those of competitor AT&T, and even outshine Verizon, the current top dog in the space, by a decent margin. Though T-Mobile's total worth has yet to even approach the high figures associated with The Duopoly, as T-Mobile CEO John Legere calls the top two carriers in the wireless space, healthy subscriber growth in recent years has given them sufficient momentum to catch up in the next few years, should T-Mobile's fortunes continue as they are now.

As for the future, T-Mobile appears poised for growth. They have been expanding and improving their network aggressively, including heavy participation in the FCC's ongoing multi-part 600 megahertz spectrum auction. With Verizon chomping at the bit and other carriers developing their 5G solutions just as aggressively as T-Mobile, however, the 5G race could serve as the great equalizer that scales back T-Mobile's growth. On the opposite side of the same coin a quick buildout of a powerful and far-reaching 5G network once the standard is completed, could be just the sort of boost that T-Mobile needs to put it on track to top the US carrier market in the very near future. As for average revenue per user, the figure sat around $48.15 when T-Mobile put out their third quarter report, up from $47.11 the previous quarter, so even with all of the spending that T-Mobile has been doing lately, some growth, or at least breaking relatively even, is not a huge logical leap in this department.

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