Fitbit Partners With Habit, Peloton And VirZOOM At CES


Fitbit's "Work with Fitbit" program is expanding as the company has announced three new partnerships at CES 2017. The company's goal is to connect fitness and health applications, along with more services and devices to the Fitbit platform, and because of this Fitbit was the first company in the segment to offer an open API, allowing for more partnerships with third party app and hardware developers. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, Fitbit has announced three new partnerships with Habit, Peloton, and VirZOOM.

Following the newfound partnership with Habit, users will be able to share Fitbit data directly with Habit and receive personalized daily nutrition suggestions. As a result, Habit will now incorporate data from the Fitbit application – including calories burned, body fat percentage, as well as sleep cycle information and fitness goals – and the data will then be analyzed and measured alongside your Habit goals and food preferences to create a personalized nutrition plan. According to the company, as data changes in the Fitbit application, Habit will adjust and recalculate the user's nutrition plan, food recommendations, and coaching support accordingly.

Fitbit has also partnered with Peloton who has introduced its new fitness bikes earlier this week at CES, and as a result, Peloton ride metrics will now sync with the Fitbit application after each ride. Every riding session will be stored as an exercise within the Fitbit app so data can be later reviewed. Additionally, when using Fitbit devices equipped with heart rate monitors – such as the Fitbit Charge 2 – heart-rate data will also be registered and logged within the Fitbit app.


The third partnership announced at CES was with VirZOOM: a virtual reality game developer with a unique "Play VR. Get Fit" approach. VirZOOM is a virtual reality product package that includes a handful of virtual reality games designed for playing while exercising on fitness bikes. Following the collaboration, VirZOOM vSports and VirZOOM VR bike plays will be synced to your Fitbit account, and each workout session will be stored as an exercise including details regarding workout duration, calories burned, and distance pedaled, within the said application. Last year, Fitbit also partnered with Amazon for syncing with Amazon Echo's Alexa AI, and also teamed up with video game developer 2K Games specifically for the NBA 2K17 title in order to give players who achieve 10,000 steps in a day an in-game attribute boost for the "MyPLAYER" game mode.

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