Facebook Live Update Adds Broadcasting From Browser


Facebook Live has been updated to include compatibility with going live via a web browser, among a smattering of other features that make it easier to broadcast live and manage pages and audiences. Being able to go live through the browser lets desktop users in on the fun more easily than ever. Additionally, new features make it easier for multiple contributors to take care of a page, and for broadcasters to get a handle on their stats and audience data. The biggest example of this, and one of the more exciting features of the update, is the addition of live broadcasting privileges from a Page for contributors, rather than restricting the ability to go live from a Page to its creator.

On top of bringing live broadcasting to desktop users and allowing Page contributors to broadcast live from a Page, the update brings Video Insights for Profiles. This feature allows any Profile holder with more than 5,000 followers to check on things like total video viewing time, engagement, and total number of views. These stats can be seen for any live or public video, and are available over a period of one day, seven days, or thirty days. The extended overview for a time period will also include the number of new followers a Page has garnered in the period, helping broadcasters and producers to spot the trends that help to expand their audience. This feature will be making its way into the Mentions app as well, within the next few weeks.

While contributor broadcasting, broadcasting from a browser, and video insights are certainly the headlining features of this update, there are a few other good features on board. Anybody broadcasting live can now pick one or more comments to pin to the bottom of a live broadcast video window, hand out a permalink that sends viewers to a Profile's videos and lets them jump in on any live broadcasts in progress, and cross-post a video of a finished live broadcast to multiple pages at once, though you can only post a live broadcast in progress to a single page. The full suite of updates to live broadcasting should be available for all users now, aside from Video Insights which will take a few weeks to hit Mentions


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