Dropbox Paper Officially Launches Globally Today

AH Dropbox Paper Beta 1

Dropbox Paper officially launches globally today letting just about anyone take part in its collaborative document creation features. Paper is essentially a note keeping tool that allows users to save their documents to their Dropbox account, while seamlessly sharing them with other users, allowing them to make any necessary changes. With Dropbox slowly moving away from just offering services to its regular customers and towards including the business side of the industry, it’s no surprise that Paper has been focused towards business customers looking to share important documents among employees or team members.

It’s fair to say that Paper works in a similar way to Google Docs in the way that it allows for documents to be quickly backed up to the cloud and shared with others if necessary. Dropbox wants to take advantage of their popularity, though, by allowing the importing of documents from competing services. Essentially, the company hopes that even if a file is created elsewhere, it will eventually be uploaded to Paper once complete. Dropbox does have a few unique features up its sleeves for the future as well, with it planning the introduction of something it calls “projects.” This will allow customers to group up work into different categories that will then allow for better filtering and organization. In addition to this, the company has plans to introduce a feature that will allow for the assignment of employees to certain projects as well as the ability to set due dates, not to mention the existing feature of a to-do list.

To complement all of this, the storage company is also introducing a feature that is sure to save a bit of time for employees. The new feature, called Smart Sync, allows for every file in a Dropbox account to be made available through a desktop file, removing the need to constantly be switching back and forth between the browser. As an added extra, the files are accessible without the need to occupy storage space on a computer’s hard drive. Regarding availability of both Paper and Smart Sync, the former is live for everyone in a number of countries covering a total of 21 languages, while the latter is reserved for business customers who sign up for its early access program.