Download: Google Maps Now Has Images Of Amenities For Hotels

January 26, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google Maps is adding images of amenities for hotels, as users have begun reporting that following a search of hotels in the app, that a new tab listed under hotels they clicked on from the results page have shown up labeled as amenities, which hosts photos of the different amenities that a hotel offers to guests. Google Maps can be a very useful resource when wanting to see pictures of different businesses, like restaurants for example, as users who visit those businesses can upload pictures of things like food, the menu, or even the establishment itself. Now that hotels are getting an amenities tab those looking to stay in a particular place will be able to sneak a peek of the pool, the gym, and more.

This appears to be a server side switch that Google has to turn on themselves for users, which Google seems to have done over the last few days. To see the amenities tab though you’ll need to have at least Google Maps version 9.44.0 installed. Some users may not have received that update yet which is not an uncommon thing as updates can take a little bit of time to roll out to all users, and Google’s updates usually go out in batches so it sometimes takes more than a few days before all users are bumped to the new version. The update might be easy to miss though if you don’t have apps set to automatically update, in which case you’d want to check the my apps list in the Play Store to see if the latest version of Maps is available for you. If the update doesn’t show up for you and you haven’t received one recently, you can always grab the latest version of the Maps APK from the button below.

At the moment it seems that most of or all of the images that are showing up in the amenities tab are not user submitted, instead coming from, but as Google continues their efforts to make Google Maps a more useful application by adding and improving features, as well as giving users more reasons to sign up to become a local guide and add their own reviews, user-submitted photos for hotel amenities likely aren’t too far off from appearing within the app.

Download Google Maps 9.44.3 APK (universal) (no dpi)