Dell Officially Has A New Trio Of Chromebooks Coming

Dell Chromebook 11 Convertible

Dell Officially has a new trio of Chromebooks coming as they have announced the three new laptops running on Google’s Chrome OS software on their newsroom web page. Dell highlights that their three new Chromebooks are “designed specifically to enhance the learning process,” which signifies that they definitely made these Chromebooks with the education market in mind and while thinking about students and ways they could assist them in learning. This follows Acer’s recently announced Chromebooks which are also aimed at the education market. This doesn’t mean that the average consumer won’t be able to get a hold of one of these three new Chromebook models, but there’s always the chance that Dell will limit sales to schools and students.

Included in the three models are the Dell Chromebook 11, an updated model of the Dell Chromebook 13, and the Dell Chromebook 11 Convertible, bringing two regular Chromebook laptops with varying screen sizes to the table and one Chromebook that has the ability to be setup and used in different orientations, not unlike the Acer Chromebook R 14. Dell also made each of these laptops in a Windows version. When it comes to the Chromebook 11 and the Chromebook 11 Convertible, the display sizes are just as the names suggest as they come in at 11-inches, making them just a little bit more portable than the Chromebook 13 model while also being lighter so they don’t weigh you down. The Chromebook 11 Convertible is powered by a 6th generation Intel Celeron processor and the standard Chromebook 11 comes with the same CPU. Dell does not mention any of the other specs for these laptops, though, so there’s no word on how much RAM they have or what they’re packing for internal storage, though the internal storage is quite likely 16GB or 32GB, as most Chromebooks are. While the Chromebook 11 Convertible supports a 360-degree screen so it can be used as a laptop, a tablet, or in a tend or stand mode, the Chromebook 11 has a 180-degree screen that lays flat so that it can easily be shared with another student or teacher for collaboration purposes.

When it comes to the Dell Chromebook 13, the screen size here is 13-inches so the display is bigger which takes a tiny bit away from the portability, but this also presents it as a little bit better of a productivity tool as the bigger display should make it easier to multitask. Dell will be offering the Chromebook 13 with two different processor variations which include the same 6th Generation Celeron processors that can be found in the other two Chromebooks, as well as a model with an Intel Core i3. All three Chromebooks will be available starting on February 7th, and the prices will start at $219 for the Chromebook 11, then go up from there to $299 for the Chromebook 13, and finally $349 for the Chromebook 11 Convertible. Dell also notes that these are just starting costs, which suggest they may have multiple variations for each Chromebook that offer varying amounts of RAM and storage size options, though they don’t specifically mention this.