Deal: Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand for $29 – 1/10/17

January 10, 2017 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Qi Wireless charging smartphones aren’t all that popular these days, but there are still quite a few devices that sport Qi Wireless Charging – mostly Samsung flagship devices – and this Qi Wireless Charging Stand is a great charger to pick up. Number one, it’s a stand so you can use your phone as a clock in your bedroom at night, while it is charging. Additionally, it sports fast charging, which means you can charge your smartphone or tablet about 50% faster than a standard wireless charger. Which is pretty important. Now while this is a Samsung wireless charger, it will work with other smartphones that have Qi Wireless Charging capabilities. But keep in mind that many don’t sport fast charging, so you’ll be stuck with charging somewhat slowly.

This Qi Wireless Charging Stand would normally cost $69.99, but right now it’s available on the Android Headlines Store for just $28.98, which is a pretty great price, and puts it right in line with most of the other Qi Wireless chargers on the market right now. It’s also light and portable so you can easily take it with you when you are traveling. You can buy the Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand from the link below.

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