Daydream View VR Headset Discounted To $49 At Google Store


Google has temporarily discounted the Daydream View VR headset that's currently available for $49 from the Google Store, $30 off of its normal price. This promotion means the Google Store is the cheapest place to get your hands on the Daydream View at the moment. The discount has no strings attached, is available to all consumers in the United States, and will last until February 25. There are still no reports of any resellers or retailers offering this deal alongside Google.

This comes on the heels of a promotion where buying the Google Pixel or the Pixel XL got you a Daydream View headset. While that may have been a good deal, some consumers did not want to jump into the Pixel family and already had their hands on a Daydream-friendly phone like the Lenovo Moto Z, ZTE Axon 7, or any of the phones that have already received unofficial or partial Daydream support from the development community. While you can always get a Daydream View headset secondhand to save a dime or two, there is no guarantee that Google's fluffy and comfortable new take on VR will make its way to you with everything in the box intact and in good condition, and the prices aren't all that much lower than buying new.

As a reminder for those on the fence, the Daydream View is a fabric-lined, ultra-comfortable and breathable VR headset that solves many of the problems caused by traditional headsets and Google's previous efforts with the universal and cheap Cardboard headset. The Daydream View comes with a special controller which can be put aside when the headset is being used for WebVR or Cardboard content, both of which it is compatible with. The headset is available in Slate, Crimson, and Snow colors. There are already a ton of great apps and games available for the Daydream platform, including Hulu, HBO Go and many more. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty more on the way. So now is a great time to pick up the Daydream View, especially if you have a compatible device. There are third-party Daydream headsets coming – in fact, Huawei has one available already.

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