Cricket Polishes Plans And Offers Discounted Phones

ZTE Grand X Max Plus Cricket Logo 2

Cricket, the prepaid carrier owned by AT&T, has polished and improved a number of its plans plus added a number of special offers on selected LG and Samsung smartphones. The deals start from tomorrow, Friday January 27th, and involve increasing the data allowances offered on most plans. All of these plans offer unlimited airtime, text messages and at least some data: the cheapest offers customers 1GB of high speed data for $30 a month. The next plan up, at $40 before a $5 discount if the customer is using the Autopay function, now offers 3GB of high speed data, which is up from 2.5GB. Once all of the high speed data has been used, Cricket switches to a slower data rate but customers do not find their data connection turned off.

The most significant increase in data allowance is with Cricket’s mid-range $50 a month plan, where the high speed allowance is up from 5GB to 8GB a month, an impressive extra 60% data allowance. This offer extends a previous promotion and makes it a permanent change. The $60 plan sees an increase from 10GB to 12GB of data and the $70 plan remains at an unlimited data allowance. In addition to upping the data allowance available, Cricket is also introducing a number of special offers to celebrate the tax season. The devices Cricket has marked down are entry level to mid-range smartphones, but for customers seeking to switch from another carrier this could be all the encouragement needed to bring their lines with them.

These offers include discounts on devices for customers bringing their number to the Cricket service, such as the Alcatel Streak, which is $9.99 for customers upgrading their device or bringing a new line to Cricket, but is free for customers bringing their existing line to the company. These discounts stretch up to $50 off a qualifying handset, or making it free where the price is under $50. The table at the bottom of this article summarizes the offers available from Cricket, and customers should note that they must activate their service with a qualifying plan requiring a minimum spend of at least $30 a month. There are other restrictions that may apply; customers should check the website for details.