Consumers Shouldn't Worry About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Safety

Consumers shouldn’t worry about Galaxy Note 8 safety, and the biggest reason is that Samsung likely couldn’t afford to have another mishap the size of the Galaxy Note 7 with the exact same device lineup. While they wouldn’t go out of business, it would surely hurt their reputation and that is something that Samsung seems intent on avoiding. While there is no way to know for sure if Samsung would ever have another issue like that or not with a device, chances are probably slim that they would do anything that could increase that possibility, and in turn they seem to be doing everything they can to decrease it.

Samsung has already shown that they’re concerned for their customers by initiating two formal recalls and working diligently to get people to return the Galaxy Note 7 units, going so far as to send out software updates that essentially turn the device into nothing more than a paperweight. This shows that they want customers to make the safe choice and turn in the phones. Beyond this, Samsung finally issued an explanation on what actually caused the incidents with the Galaxy Note 7, and although the battery was what everyone was already expecting, and that is what it turned out to be, Samsung didn’t just turn on their live stream and tell the world that, “batteries were the cause.” They were open and explained in detail their own findings from an investigation into the issue. They also had three independent companies who are also industry experts in the battery field do their own investigations, the details of which were shared as well. Sharing this information means they want to make sure they can keep their customers trust, or gain it back for the consumers who may have shied away. In addition to all of this, Samsung is taking measures to ensure the safety of their future devices. This includes an 8-point battery safety check that they will be utilizing every time they produce a new phone.

Using this series of checks, Samsung is more committed than ever to creating an innovative device that will have all the trappings of success, although they aren't just committed to creating another innovative device with best in class hardware and functional features, but also a much safer device so that customers will have peace of mind in knowing that the device they're using is worry-free in this particular regard. In addition to implementing the new 8-point battery safety check Samsung is also committing a significant amount of money into ensuring their batteries are much safer, so they aren't just putting batteries through the paces with a series of rigorous tests, they've also confirmed that their investing $128 million into making safer batteries. This is a very vast amount of money, even for Samsung, and you can be sure that if Samsung is looking to invest this amount into something that they're serious about how that money is going to be spent. More to the point, that the money is well-spent. While the investment of this money is aimed at all of Samsung's mobile devices, and not just the Galaxy Note 8, with the Galaxy Note 8 being their second biggest device it's quite clear that they will be putting a hefty amount of focus there. The Note brand is certainly sticking around, but Samsung will still need to do what they can to return it to its former glory after the mishaps, so it's to be expected that they're likely putting a lot into the development of the Galaxy Note 8 to make it a stellar product.

With all of this emphasis on battery safety now, customers should feel a lot better about what Samsung will produce this time around with the next version of the Galaxy Note, as there had never been any safety issues prior to the battery problem in the Galaxy Note 7. What should be expected with the Galaxy Note 8 is not only a bolstered defense against faulty battery issues but also a slew of new features and functionality, as well as an updated design, even if it only ends up being just a little bit refined and not a complete overhaul. Things like Bixby (Samsung's A.I. assistant), and a 4K panel are already rumored to be included with the new device, and while the 4K panel might be a tiny bit of a stretch, Bixby certainly seems like a definite inclusion as Samsung has already confirmed it will be included with the Galaxy S8, and with that being the case there would be no reason to leave it out of the next Galaxy Note. In addition to Bixby, the Galaxy Note 8 will also most likely come with Samsung Pay Mini integrated into it, so while there is really not much of a list of features and hardware specifications to lust over just yet, there are a few mentions of what the device could include.

These few features aside, one thing to also consider is that the Galaxy Note 7 was a very popular device prior to the incidents with the batteries, and without that issue there was everything to love and more about the phone as it received plenty of rave reviews from just about every publication that had a chance to get their hands on it and spend some time with the device, us included. Taking that into consideration you can be sure that the Galaxy Note 8 will likely be just as popular, just as capable, just as stylish, and just as innovative as its predecessor, only this time around customers shouldn't have to worry about safety issues. The biggest worry about the Galaxy Note 8 that customers might have to deal with is how to protect it from damage as the device is probably going to come at a hefty cost, and with any possession that costs a lot of money you'll want to take care of it so it lasts as long as possible. So while there were unfortunate issues with the Galaxy Note 7 that caused a lot of damage, Samsung is keen on not having a repeat with this issue, and their efforts so far to ensure safety of their mobile devices going forward should show a significant amount of dedication to providing customers with the very best products out there. With the Galaxy Note 8 announcement more than likely hitting in the late Summer or early Fall, Samsung also has a lot of time between then and now to go over every single inch of the device and all of its inner workings to be absolutely sure that every aspect of the device is as safe as can be, and when all of that is said and done, all that should be left is a high-end smartphone that has a lot to offer and a lot to love.

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