Chipolo Just Announced World's Smallest Bluetooth Trackers

Chipolo is a Slovenian company which specializes in manufacturing devices which help people find lost items, and they’ve just introduced some new products at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Chipolo has just announced the Chipolo Sticker and Chipolo Clip, which are, according to the company, world’s ‘tiniest and thinnest’ Bluetooth trackers. These new IoT devices really are quite small, and can be used in various scenarios, just in case you’re afraid of losing some of your smaller items, which are, truth be told, easiest to lose.

These two items are meant to help you keep track of your glasses, wallet, and similar items. Now, in addition to these two new gadgets, the company has also launched the Chipolo Platform, which will help third-party companies integrate their products with Chipolo’s network. Now, let’s talk more about Chipolo’s newly-announced gadgets, shall we. The Chipolo Sticker is smaller than the Chipolo Clip, and is the world’s smallest wireless tracking device, says the company. The Chipolo Sticker can be easily attached to a pair of glasses, it’s that narrow. This gadget is actually 63% smaller than its predecessor, which says a lot. The Chipolo Sticker is also the first tracking gadget which packs in wireless charging capabilities. The Chipolo Sticker’s wireless charging technology comes from Energous Corporation, and it’s called ‘WattUp’. This tech is based on radio frequency-based charging, and it’s quite interesting actually.

The Chipolo Clip, on the other hand, is the world’s thinnest battery-powered tracking gadget, and is 28% slimmer than its competitor, The Slim, says Chipolo. What’s interesting here, is that this gadget has a 90-decibel volume, and it can be easily attached to an item of your choosing, like a passport, for example. The Chipolo Clip comes with a non-removable battery which will last you one year according to the company, and in case you’d like to continue using the device after that, you’ll need to buy a new one, but the company will give you a 50% discount. You’ll need to pair each of these products (whichever you use) with a Chipolo app if you’d like to use them, and the app is available for both Android and iOS. If you misplace any of these two gadgets, the app will play a loud melody and lead you to them, as long as they’re within 200 feet from you. If you, however, totally misplaced an item, and is out of Bluetooth range, the app will show you the last known location of the item one of the Chipolo devices was attached to. Now, thanks to Chipolo’s Lost & Found Network, you might be able to find your gadget even if you completely lost it. If another Chipolo user comes near the device you lost, you will be notified of its location. We still don’t know how much will the Chipolo Sticker and Chipolo Clip cost, nor when exactly will you be able to purchase them, but stay tuned.

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