CES 2017: Invoxia Announce New Triby IO Smart Speaker

Triby 2017

Invoxia arrived at CES 2017 to announce the Triby IO, a successor to the company’s 2016 connected speaker Triby. Much like the original device, this product revision was designed to serve as a versatile smart hub capable of audio streaming and home automation. The Triby IO also supports Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant and a broad range of third-party IoT devices and services. The product will launch during the first quarter of the year, priced at $199.99, just like the original Triby.

Compatibility is the main selling point of this IoT gadget. Among other things, the Triby IO boasts support for Alexa, IFTTT, Spotify, Airable, and Audible. People looking for more than just a connected speaker infused with an AI assistant will be happy to know that Invoxia’s latest offering can also be used to make free VoIP calls and receive messages while also serving as an intercom. The device boasts four digital microphones complemented with noise and echo cancellation solutions which can remove background noise originating from up to 15 feet away. Given these capabilities, the Triby IO is also able to function as a conference speaker. Furthermore, unlike competing devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, the Triby IO is equipped with an E-Ink screen and supports two-way interaction with other IoT devices. For example, while users can command this device to pre-heat an oven to a certain temperature, the Triby IO is also capable of forwarding a notification from a smart oven once any specified temperature has been reached. Invoxia’s representatives claim that this added degree of interactivity makes potential applications of the Triby IO limited only by one’s imagination.

While the original Triby was a family-oriented device, the company claims its successor is aimed at tech-savvy people interested in tweaking their user experience and coming up with new ways to use a versatile smart hub like the Triby IO. Following that change of target audience, the first Triby IO showcased by Invoxia wasn’t as brightly colored as its predecessor. Black case aside, the revised version of this product seems to feature an identical design to that of the original Triby. Invoxia is expected to announce an official release date for the Triby IO in the following weeks.