CES 2017: Hands-On With The Ricoh Theta S & Ricoh Theta SC

While Ricoh just announced a new 360-degree camera this year during CES, called the Ricoh R Development Kit, the cameras they had to show off at the event were it's Ricoh Theta SC that was announced towards the end of last year, as well as the older Theta S model that was announced in the Fall of 2015. Both devices are capable of 360-degree imaging as that's exactly the area Ricoh is trying to focus on with these devices, and we've been able to get some hands-on time to check them out up close.

These are small handheld cameras so they're easy to tote around and pretty much take with you anywhere. You can keep them in your pocket, a bag, a purse, or you can simply hold them the whole time if you prefer. The Theta S has a 12-megapixel sensor with a 190-degree field of view, which means you're getting everything in a very widespan with overlapping images to create the 360-degree effect. It's also got 8GB of internal storage and it can connect up to Wi-Fi networks, as well as switch over to video recording if you actually want video capture instead of pictures.

With the more recent Theta SC, Ricoh has improved on the Theta S in many ways but has also made it more compact so it's even easier to fit in a pocket or bag, which is great if you want something like this to be as portable as possible. The Theta SC also comes in multiple colors so there is a lot more choice for the consumer here as opposed to having just black as your only option like with the Theta S model. The Theta SC also has a 12-megapixel sensor on board and is capable of video capture in 1080p quality, and it launched late last year at a cheaper price than the Theta S when it launched as the Theta SC costs $300 to purchase. Both camera models are equipped with a microphone and speaker and have a tripod mount on the bottom if you need it, and there are buttons for all of its functions like enabling Wi-Fi, powering it on, switching capture modes and of course, the shutter button to either snap pictures or begin a recording. If you want to take a closer look at the Ricoh Theta S and Theta SC, make sure to check out the gallery below.


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