CES 2017: Hands-On With The FUSE Modular Wireless Earbuds

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, and so it's highly unlikely that all you'll see at the event are smartphones and tablets, even of those are devices which people interact with the most on a daily basis. No, you'll also see plenty of other cool technology at the event across various markets, like headphones and other audio equipment. Enter the FUSE Ceramic Modular Wireless Earbuds, a set of truly wireless headphones which aim to offer up something that other currently available devices do not. That being a set of earbuds which is not only truly free of wires, but are also capable of providing users with a modular setup that enables them to take their earbuds with them while always having the most readily available access to pick them up and put them in their ears anytime they want to listen to something.

Where the FUSE earbuds differ from other wireless earbuds of any kind, is the multiple available accessories which allow users to personalize their carrying and charging experience. The FUSE earbuds charge wirelessly like other available offerings, but unlike sets of earbuds such as the Gear IconX, or Bragi's The Headphone, which come with only a single case with which to charge them up and store them when on the go, the FUSE earbuds can connect together using a modular connector piece to form a similar pill shape albeit without an actual pill-shaped case, and then once connected they can be placed inside of a range of different wearable accessories like a bracelet or a pendant for storage, while there is also an adapter case available when the earbuds need to be recharged wirelessly.

This makes the earbuds easy to store and easy to access without looking like you're wearing a huge piece of tech. They're noticeable, but not too noticeable. Aside from the functionality, the use of ceramic boasts a comfortable surface temperature when resting against the skin, and they boast about an hour's worth of battery with just a 15 minute charge time. That makes it possible to get four hours of battery life in just one hour, which seems like a more or less ideal setup for truly wireless earbuds as the battery life is a major drawback of devices in this market still. There is no set price or release date for the earbuds yet, but they certainly seem like a promising pair, especially if they're able to charge up fast. If you're interested in getting a closer look at the FUSE Ceramic Modular Earbuds, be sure to check out the gallery below.

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