CES 2017: Hands-On With LG's TONE Studio & TONE Free Wearables

LG Tone Studio Hands On AH 2

Last week LG announced that they were planning to showcase a couple of new audio-related devices at CES 2017, in the form of the LG TONE Studio headphones and the LG TONE Free headphones. Both of which are set to join the TONE family of headsets, although the two new arrivals are somewhat designed for different consumers.

The TONE Studio looks to be the more powerful of the two and is a pair of headphones which comes equipped with four separate speakers, while the TONE Free continue on where the TONE predecessors left off. Albeit, with a number of new features like wireless charging – which seems to be where the free name comes in – as these are truly wire-free headphones. Wire-free in the sense that they can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and wire-free in the sense that they require no cables for charging. The TONE Studio though are quite another thing altogether as the placement of the speakers (two at the front and two at the back) is designed to emulate more of a surround sound level of usage. Thereby offering the wearer an ideal way to enjoy a surround sound-like experience without having to actually have a surround sound system nearby or even properly wear a pair of headphones. Which in reality, makes the TONE Studio much less of a pair of headphones and much more wearable-like.

In terms of the pricing and availability, the LG TONE Studio is going to be the more expensive of the the two headphones and will cost between $229 and $249. In contrast, the TONE Free will be available to buy for only $199. Both sets of headphones are due to become available in February, although at the moment there is no information on whether they will become available at the same time or at different times of the month. While CES 2017 is just preparing to get started, we were able to get a closer look at the LG TONE Studio and TONE Free headsets and you can check out the full gallery of images of both headphones below.


LG TONE Studio