Best Wireless Audio Of CES 2017: Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker


Congratulations Samsung on the H7 Wireless Speaker winning our award for Best Wireless Audio of CES 2017.

CES 2017 was an event which saw new products being announced which spanned all facets of the electronics and connected industries. Likewise, Samsung was in attendance at this year's event and also happened to unveil a number of new products and ones which highlighted Samsung's extensive and cross-industry portfolio. For instance, the company announced a new Chromebook, a new washer/dryer, new TVs, new laptops and new audio equipment. One of those audio-related products announced at the event was the Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker – our pick for Best Wireless Audio of CES 2017.

There are two very interesting aspects to note about the H7 Wireless Speaker, the design and the underlying technology. In terms of the design, Samsung has opted to go down the ultra-minimalist route and this does mean that the H7 Wireless Speaker is very simple looking. However, it is not exactly a small speaker and certainly not small by today's standards. Which somewhat bucks the current trend when it comes to wireless speakers. Furthermore, its larger size coupled with it minimalist design, somehow makes the H7 look even more minimalist than it is. It comes with lots of open space, very few buttons or noticeable features and is in short, very retro looking.


Design-aside though and the H7 is made to be a smarter speaker. This is thanks to the H7 coming equipped with Samsung's new UHQ 32bit audio technology. This allows the H7 to take any 8 to 24-bit audio source and upscale it to 32-bit. In addition, the H7 (and any future Samsung device that uses UHQ 32bit) will also make use of an algorithm to offer a sound which is as close to the original recording as possible. The H7 marks the first Samsung device to showcase this technology and looks to be a great option for those who want a more varied and richer sound quality. It is worth noting that the upscaling is available to wireless connected devices, as well as directly-connected (analog) devices. And the 'smartness' does not stop there either. Samsung has also explained that their UHQ technology (and by association the H7 wireless speaker) is able to intelligently make the most of specific frequencies. For instance, at the top end, the Samsung H7 makes use of a 'Wide-band Tweeter' which is able to widen the reach of the higher frequency 'sweet spot' so it can be better heard from anywhere in the room. Likewise, its 'Distortion Cancelling' technology looks to accentuate the low end by actively predicting the physical movements of the woofer and controlling them. Thereby, offering a more consistent and stable low output sound quality.


Which does mean that the H7 wireless speaker is one which sort of bridges the gap between the old and new. On one hand, this is a speaker which adopts a much more traditional-like appearance with its more bulky presentation and style which emulates an 'old school' type of speaker box. While on the other hand, there is nothing traditional about this speaker. It is not only wireless, but is showcasing new Samsung technology and the ability to upscale the bit-rate based on an algorithm, while also better accentuating the top and low ends of the frequency range. A combination which is not only extremely interesting at the consumer level, but one which makes the H7 wireless speaker a deserved winner of Best Wireless Audio of CES 2017 award.

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