Best Chromebook Of CES 2017: Samsung Chromebook Pro / Plus

Congratulations Samsung on the Chromebook Pro/Plus winning our award for Best Chromebook of CES 2017

Towards the close of 2016, there had been much speculation on when Samsung would launch their highly-reported on Chromebook Pro. Now it is clear that Samsung was holding out until CES 2017, as Samsung did finally unveil and introduce their latest Chromebook offering. In fact, Samsung decided to unveil two models, the Chromebook Pro and the Chromebook Plus. Both of which were met with high-acclaim and quickly became one of the big talking points of the event and the Chromebook which we have awarded as the Best Chromebook of CES 2017.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus is that they are more than just Chromebooks. In fact, they are devices which bridge the gap between Chromebook and tablets very well. While they are Chromebooks, they also come equipped with a hinge-design which allows the screen to be able to be rotated 360-degrees. This essentially allows them to be used in a variety of positions, including a tablet-like mode. Adding to this, these are Chromebooks which come with their very own stylus. Which is certainly something you will not find on your average Chromebook and is another example of how Samsung is leading the way by bridging the gap between a Chromebook and tablet. You can very easily use the Chromebook Pro and Plus as a Chromebook, or flip it over, whip out the stylus and use it very much like you would a tablet.

Which takes us to the next point as Samsung has been very clever with this design as the release of the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus is right in line with the general shift of Chromebooks gaining compatibility with Android apps and the Google Play Store. Which again means that the Chromebook Pro and Plus are ideal options for those looking for the best of both worlds. Not only are the Chromebook Pro and Plus ready for Android apps, but in some respects, they are purpose-designed for Android apps. This is essentially a Chromebook which offers all the benefits of a Chromebook, while also offering the user as close to a tablet experience as they are likely to get. The Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus can adopt a tablet form, work with a stylus and are wholly compatible with Android apps.

Generally speaking, there is very little difference between the two models. In fact, the main notable difference is the processor as the Chromebook Pro comes with an Intel Core m3 processor while the Chromebook Plus comes with an ARM processor. Other than that, these are largely the same Chromebook. Which means that in terms of their specs, both Chromebooks come equipped with a 12.3-inch Quad-HD display. Both also employ the help of 4GB RAM and both models come equipped with 32GB storage. Likewise, both make use of USB Type-C ports, both come with the rotating hinges, both include the same Google Play Store readiness and of course, the same stylus.

In terms of availability, Samsung has yet to fully confirm when the Chromebook Pro and Plus will become available to buy. However, the Chromebook Plus (ARM model) is already available to pre-order directly from Samsung and does cost $449.99. The Chromebook Pro on the other hand has yet to become available to pre-order and Samsung has yet to confirm the actual price of this model. Although, further details are likely to come through soon enough.

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