Xiaomi Intro Electric Scooter With Dual Brake System


Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi might not be a household name in the West, but with an upcoming announcement during CES in January next year and releases like the Mi MIX, the firm is steadily on their way to becoming one. In China of course, the name Xiaomi is a big deal throughout not just the smartphone market, but all aspects of consumer electronics, as the firm is responsible for producing and launching all kinds of products. Now, the firm has – in conjunction with┬áMIJIA – launched an electronic scooter, complete with an innovative dual brake system. The Mi Electric Scooter will cost 1,999 Yuan ($290) and will be available in China starting December 15th.

As far as specifications go, the scooter itself is powered by lithium ion batteries from LG, giving the scooter a capacity of 280 Wh, which they say is good for a 30 Km range on a single charge. As for how quickly you'll chew through those 30 kilometers, the scooter is not much of a speed demon, and tops out at about 25 km/h. With a maximum power of 250W, this isn't going to be much of a rocket, but it weighs less than 12 Kg, and is made out of a strong aluminum alloy to keep things safe and rigid. A 1.1 W LED lamp will guide the way, and the bike features brakes at both the front and rear of the scooter, with a pneumatic suspension system designed to give a smooth and safe ride when in use. Looks wise, the Mi Electric Scooter appears very modern, and will appeal to those looking for something to get around a city without needing to catch public transport everywhere. When the battery is done for, the scooter can be folded away and carried, but giving the length the wheelbase, it might not be the most portable way to get around town.

The Mi Electric Scooter does feature the ability to recover energy under braking, and while there's not too much a user can regenerate on a scooter, it is nice to see such a feature here. Clearly, MIJIA is starting from the ground up here, and while we thought last week the firm might have something bigger up their sleeve, everyone has to start somewhere. With some of China's busiest towns and cities being crowded and difficult to negotiate, a personal vehicle such as this should sell well, especially if it proves to be a reliable form of transport.


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