Wi-Fi Hotspot Named "Galaxy Note 7" Cancels Flight

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fire Explode AH NS 03

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that resulted in two recalls and a discontinuation of Samsung’s latest phablet is bound to cause a lot of issues for the South Korean tech giant for the foreseeable future. In the short-term, the Seoul-based conglomerate lost approximately $3 billion as a direct consequence of launching the said device. However, looking at the broader picture, the damage to the Samsung Galaxy brand may be far greater, especially seeing how the general public keeps getting reminded of Samsung’s faulty device. A couple of months ago, the Galaxy Note 7 was banned from virtually all flights worldwide. Seeing how the said phablet repeatedly demonstrated it’s liable to catch fire, melt, and explode under certain conditions, that was an expected turn of events.

Earlier this week, the public was once again reminded of Samsung’s defective flagship after a “prankster” decided to name their mobile Wi-Fi hotspot “Galaxy Note 7.” As Serenity Caldwell, the managing editor of iMore revealed on Twitter, the incident occurred on an unnamed flight this Tuesday. After arriving at an airport yesterday, Caldwell found out that her flight had been canceled following numerous delays. While moving in a crowd of understandably angry people, she overheard the plane crew talking about a canceled “9 AM flight.” Namely, the said plane was allegedly already mid-flight after an attendant realized that one of the passengers is using a “Galaxy Note 7” hotspot. This resulted in the flight being canceled, and it reportedly took two hours for the situation to be resolved. As it turns out, the said hotspot was named by someone with a poor sense of timing looking to make a joke.

All in all, Samsung would certainly prefer people stop making jokes and reminding other people about the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, especially seeing how the said flagship already managed to ground a plane a few months ago. Between this type of distasteful jokes and people turning the Galaxy Note 7 into an in-game grenade for Grand Theft Auto V and a Halloween costume, the Samsung Galaxy brand has certainly seen better days. Not surprisingly, Samsung decided to not comment on this report which has yet to be verified.