VUDU Movies & TV Updated With Support For Android TV Devices

VUDU Android TV AH 1

The VUDU Movies & TV Android app on the Google Play Store has received an update this week which includes support for Android TV devices. As such, if you do own an Android TV device and have been waiting for the VUDU app to become widely available, you can download the latest version with Android TV support through the Google Play Store.

Of course, this is not the first time that VUDU has become available for Android TV. As the app was previously made available earlier in the year for the NVIDIA SHIELD. However, the difference was that the earlier launch was in conjunction with NVIDIA and as a result, the VUDU app was only compatible with the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. In stark contrast, today’s update sees the widening of support for the VUDU Android app for other Android TV devices. In fact, it is worth pointing out that this is not actually the same app as the one that you will find on the NVIDIA SHIELD. This is a different app altogether and both apps can be found separately on the Google Play Store.

The current updated version of the app is the one which you will have already encountered if you have VUDU installed on a mobile device. As a result of the two app-approach, this does mean that owners of the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV are excluded from being able to download this latest updated version of VUDU and will have to continue using their NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios version. Likewise, as these are two different apps, it is also the case that the UI is a little different with the current updated version adopting a more universal-Android TV style interface. Although, it is worth NVIDIA SHIELD owners noting that their version of the VUDU app did receive its own update earlier in December. One which provided a number of bug fixes, included a fix for an AAC audio track issue which may have led to some users experiencing playback issues with select movies. Either way, if you own an Android TV device (other than the NVIDIA SHIELD) and would like to download VUDU for the big screen, head through the link below.