Top 10 Cocktail & Drink Mixing Android Apps – December 2016

Top 10 Cocktail Apps AH 1

2017 is only around the corner and that does mean that a number of people will be looking to celebrate the arrival of the new year in style. For some, that might mean hitting the town and soaking in the unique night life that is on offer at the turn of the year. For others, it might mean heading to a party and for the brave, it probably means hosting your own little get-together. Whichever option is the one you are intending to go for, if there happens to be drinks as part of the equation, then it is worth knowing that there are a number of Android apps that can help make sure your drinks look (and taste) as good as they can. If you are planning a cocktail or two during the New Year’s celebrations, then here are ten of the best cocktail and drink mixing apps currently available from the Google Play Store.

My Cocktails


Starting off the list today is the simply titled ‘My Cocktails’ app. This is an app which looks to provide an easy way to view and manage your cocktail recipes. As well as descriptions and measurements, the app comes equipped with images to show you how the drinks should look and also includes tablet optimization. So whether you are viewing on your mobile or your tablet, My Cocktails will work just fine.

8,500+ Drink Recipes Free


Those who feel like they can never have enough cocktail recipes on hand, will certainly want to check out this app. Among other things, the big selling point with this one is the sheer volume of recipes that are said to be available. In fact, over 8,500 recipes are on offer with this app so you are sure to find one that matches your needs and tastes.

Cocktails Guru (Cocktail) App


8,500 cocktail recipes not enough? Then how about over 15,000 cocktail recipes? As that is the number being touted by Cocktails Guru. As well as offering a vast array of cocktail recipes, this app also looks to make finding the right recipe as easy as possible with advanced search parameters, including a top 100 cocktails list and a list of the most popular cocktails. So if you are looking to greatly broaden your cocktail recipe repertoire, then this might be the app for you.

My Cocktail Bar


In contrast to the last app, My Cocktail Bar makes the point that they do not focus on giving you as many recipes as possible. Instead, this app focuses on providing a more curated list of the most popular cocktail recipes. Besides the actual cocktails, one of the interesting features here is that you can search by ingredient. Good way to see what you can make with what you have on hand.

Cocktails Master


Cocktails Master is another app which looks to bring a simplified process to making cocktails using your smartphone. So this is an app which is very easy to use. Once open, you will be able to quickly navigate the recipe choices, find easy to follow recipes and see an image of the finished product. The app will also save the recipes you prefer, so you can quickly find them again when needed.

Tipsy Bartender drinks recipes


Another option worth checking out is the Tipsy Bartender app. This is one which will provide you with a number of recipes including detailed instructions, images, and in some cases, even videos to help guide you through the drink making process. This is another app which has been optimized for both phone and tablet, for those who are looking for a more cross-device recipe guide.

Cocktail Twist


Up next is Cocktail Twist and this recipe app comes loaded with more than 100 dedicated cocktail recipes. In addition, this one also offers some nice search parameters including search by ingredient, as well as the ability to randomly search. So if you are need of some inspiration and do not want to travel through the list, just hit random and make whatever comes up. You never know what drink you might end up creating next.

Perfect Drink


This app will not be for everyone but if you are looking to make cocktails as accurately as possible and without having to worry about balancing the flavors or measurements, then Perfect Drink might be the one to go for. This app does require you to buy an additional piece of hardware (scales) but once purchased, the scales work with the app and do all the hard work for you. You just pour when told to pour and drink when finished.

Christmas Cocktails


If you are looking for a cocktail recipe then there is a good chance that one of the last 8 apps listed has you covered. Therefore, maybe it is now worth checking out a different sort of cocktail app, like a game for instance. Not to mention, this one is a Christmas cocktail themed game and so is perfect for some adult fun at your next soiree.

100+ Smoothie Recipes


Not everyone drinks alcohol and not all cocktails have to be alcohol-based. If you are looking for an app to help you come up with some new ideas for non-alcohol drinks, then this app will likely help. On offer is more than 100 recipes which focus on the use of fruits and vegetables and includes options which are dairy-free, vegan and green.