Top 10 Christmas Decoration Android Apps – December 2016

Top 10 Christmas Decoration Apps AH Main

It is that special time of the year again. Well, it almost is. Christmas is only a matter of weeks away now and that does mean that if you have yet to put up the tree and decorate the home, then time is running out to do so. Luckily, there are quite a few Android apps available which all look to help to make the process a little easier. While they cannot decorate the tree for you physically, they can help to provide inspiration to ensure your tree and your home is looking as festive as it possibly can. For those looking for a new Christmas decoration app to download, here are ten of the best current Christmas decoration Android apps available on the Google Play Store.

Christmas Decorations



If you are in need of some Christmas inspiration, then Christmas decorations might just be an app worth checking out. This is an app which is filled with images and pictures that are designed to help you get prepared for Christmas. Not to mention, the app listing states there are quite a few different styles of decoration ideas included as well. So if you do prefer your Christmas decorations to come with more of a country, minimal or modern look and feel, then this app has some decorations ideas for you.

Christmas Decoration



While the name of this app is almost identical to the name of the last one, there are some notable differences between the two apps. Yes, this one does also provide you with inspiration by way of a number of images and pictures. However, it does also place a greater degree of its focus on DIY Christmas decorations. So if you are looking to get more hands-on with your Xmas decorations this year, then this might be an app which is more suited to your needs.

DIY Christmas ideas



Speaking of which, this also happens to be another app which hones in on the DIY side of Christmas. Although, this one not only wants to help you make your own Christmas decorations, but also some Christmas gifts that you can give to those around you. In fact, the app claims to have more than 1000 DIY ideas available and those ideas range from typical home decorations, to gifts, to even Christmas-themed hair accessories. So there should be something here to inspire just about anyone.

Christmas Decoration



Another app with another identical name and this one again, looks to offer Christmas decoration inspiration to those who need it. In fact, like the previous two app, this one also places a good deal of focus on the DIY decorating experience. So if you fancy creating your own snowmen, your own wreaths or your own napkins, then this is another app that might be worth a download.

Christmas Ornaments DIY



Continuing the DIY theme and up next is Christmas Ornaments DIY. While this is another DIY-focused app, this one does take the DIY element a little further and especially for those who are looking to include their Children in the decorating this year, as a number of the ideas are designed as kid-friendly items. So if you are looking to make the creating of Christmas decorations a family affair this year, this might be the app to go for.

Snow winter house



Of course, your smartphone should not be something that misses out on the decoration festivities and if you are interested in bringing a touch of Christmas cheer to your smartphone, then what better way to do it than with a Christmas-themed live wallpaper? Like for instance, ‘Snow winter house’. Which as the name suggests, brings a Christmas home themed wallpaper to your smartphone. Complete with snow and everything.

Christmas Decorations



While this is yet another app which boasts the ‘Christmas Decorations’ name, this one is certainly a little different to the others. Namely as this is an actual game instead of an information app. Which means it just could be ideal for those that are not planning on dressing a Christmas tree this year (or those who have already dressed the tree) and would prefer a more game-like decorating experience. Alternatively, this could be a great option for those looking to keep the kids busy while trying to get the tree and room dressed.

DIY Christmas Decorations


Back to today’s most recurring theme and DIY Christmas Decorations is another app which looks to provide Christmas inspiration and again, with a focus on the DIY element. Which clearly does seem to be one of the more frequent choices of apps in the Google Play Store. Although, the good thing about having lots of inspiration-based apps, is that if you cannot find inspiration in one app, there is a good chance you might find it in one of the others. Like this one, for instance.

Christmas decorations


Like Snow winter house, this is another app which looks to make sure that your smartphone is as well-dressed as your Christmas tree. In fact, this one looks to make sure your smartphone is very much in-keeping with your tree as this one is much more Christmas decoration-based. So if you would prefer to have baubles on your smartphone as well as your tree, then this might be just the app you have been looking for.

Decorated Christmas Tree Game


Closing out the list today is an app entitled ‘Decorated Christmas Tree Game’ and as the name suggests, this is another game which lets you virtually dress a Christmas tree. So once again, if you are not planning to (or already have) dressed the tree, then this could be a good app to keep the festive mood going. In fact, unlike the other tree-dressing game on this list, this one does come with a few additional features, like the ability to make use of your Christmas photos, as well as save one of your creations as your wallpaper.