Top 10 Christmas Baking Android Apps – December 2016

Top 10 Christmas Baking Apps AH

Over the next few weeks, many a home will be filled with the pleasant aroma of butter, flour and sweeteners baking in the oven. The festive period is one of those times where even the most kitchen-averse cooks try their hand at whipping up a batch of Christmas cookies or a showstopping cake for the table. Thankfully, regardless of your proficiency in the kitchen or with a rolling pin, there are a number of baking apps for Android which can help to make any baking ambitions a little easier to fulfill and here are our pick for the top ten best baking apps for Christmas 2016.

Christmas Baking Recipes



Up first on today’s list is Christmas Baking Recipes. As the name suggests, this is an app which comes loaded with a number of baking recipes that are somewhat designed with Christmas in mind. However, while baking might immediately elicit thoughts of cakes, muffins and biscuits, this app focuses on everything baking-related. So you will also find some festive savory dishes and main meals, as well as desserts and sweets.

Food Network In the Kitchen



Food Network In the Kitchen is one of the few apps on this list to deviate from the main brief. This is not strictly speaking a baking-focused app and is certainly not a Christmas-themed app. However, you will find a ton of great baking recipes in this app and from a number of the big-name TV chefs. Which certainly makes this app a handy tool to have installed on your smartphone during the festive period.

Christmas Desserts



Up next is the aptly titled Christmas Desserts app. Now, this app is not exactly big on design and does come with a somewhat dated look and feel. However, this app is all about the content and does include a number of desserts which are specifically designed with Christmas in mind. So if you are looking to cook up a panettone, Christmas Brownies, some tiramisú or a raspberry Ice Cream cake – this app should have you covered.

The Betty Crocker Cookbook



While Betty Crocker is a fictional character, it is a character which represents a homemaker and is a brand which many home cooks (of all levels) will already be accurately familiar with. For those that do like the Betty Crocker way of doing things, then here is the official Betty Crocker Cookbook app from General Mills. Here you will find a ton of great recipes to work off and like the Food Network, this one is not just resigned to baking. So there will be plenty of recipe ideas on offer for all of your Christmas courses.

A DIY Christmas by GoodBarber



A DIY Christmas by GoodBarber is a fairly interesting Christmas app as it looks to bring all the elements you need to really make this Christmas a DIY affair. As to be expected, the app comes with a number of Christmas-based recipes, but in addition to them, the app also offer a Christmas playlist to provide background music to your baking. As well as much more. A nice all-round Christmas app for that happen to be looking for more than just a recipe app.

100 cakes & bakes recipes



While this is not specifically a Christmas-themed baking app, you will find plenty of baking ideas to keep you busy here. In fact, the whole app is literally just 100 cake and bake recipes. These are also broken down into categories as well. So you will find ten dedicated recipes for each of the following baking categories: biscuits, brownies, celebration, cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, other, quick & easy and traybake.

Christmas recipes 2016



Christmas recipes 2016 seems to be a fairly new app and is one which is still rather limited in download numbers. So while this is not a ‘tried and tested’ app, if you do happen to be looking for something new and specifically designed with providing recipe ideas for Christmas 2016, then this could be one worth taking a gamble on. It is also worth pointing out that the recipes here go beyond baking – so you will find plenty of Christmas ideas to keep you busy during the festive period.

Christmas Biscuits Recipes


While some of the apps are a bit broader in their recipe appeal, this one is highly specialized and therefore, while it won’t be for everyone, if you happen to be planning on whipping up some Christmas biscuits in the next few weeks, then this very well could be the app for you. The whole app seems dedicated to biscuits and with a Christmas feel in mind. So whether you are planning a batch of gingerbread men, jammie dodgers or some Christmas Stollen, this app has all the details.

Baking Recipe Converter Free


Having the right baking recipe is one thing, but the problem with the internet is that it does not mean that the right recipe is designed with your locality in mind. After all, when it comes to baking, measurements are everything. Unlike other areas of cooking, baking is not one an area where you will want to experiment or guestimate with measurements and this is where this app comes in. You simply find your recipe and then input all the details (including original recipe measurements) and choose the output you want (i.e. cups, mg, etc) and you will get the recipe converted to a format which includes your location-specific measurements.

Baking Christmas Cake


Closing out the list is an app that is not likely to help much with your baking ambitions and endeavors. However, Christmas is supposed to be a family time of the year and if you do have a lot of baking planned for the festive period, then Baking Christmas Cake might be a good option to help keep the kids busy while you get on with business. Not to mention, help the kids to understand what you are doing and feel like they are taking part in the process, while also learning a thing or two on baking.