Top 10 Best Movie Android Apps – December 2016


Everyone loves a good movie, of course you need some popcorn to go along with a good movie. There are plenty of Android apps available to help you find the perfect movie, as well as watching trailers of upcoming movies or booking tickets for a movie at your local theater. Here are the best of the best.

Movies by Flixster



This is perhaps the most popular movies app of all-time and for good reason. Movies by Flixster allows you to watch trailers of movies coming into theaters and those already available for streaming. You can also check out their Rotten Tomatoes score and see how good, or bad they actually are before going to see the movie. Let’s not forget that you can also purchase tickets through Flixster, for your favorite theater.

AMC Theaters



If you live near an AMC Theater then this is a must-have app. With the AMC Theaters app, you can check out showtimes of the movies that are currently playing as well as order your tickets – which you’ll pick up when you get to the theater. Additionally, you can pick your seats, at applicable theaters.

IMDb Movies & TV



Have you ever been watching a movie and saw an actor or actress that looks familiar and wondered what their name was? Well IMDb is perfect for that. You can search through the database and see what actors are in each movie or TV show, as well as join the discussion on each movie’s discussion board. And there’s so much more.

FandangoNOW – Movies + TV



Back in the day, everyone would rent movies from their local Blockbuster store. Now, you can do it through an app like FandangoNOW. They offer up loads of movies and TV shows that you can rent to watch on your TV or even your own Android smartphone. It also allows you to download these movies for offline viewing.

VUDU Movies & TV



If you’ve bought a physical DVD or Blu-ray recently, then you are probably familiar with VUDU. It gives you a digital copy of the movie you bought, so you can watch it anywhere at anytime. And because you own the movie, you can download it to watch offline. This is especially helpful for those times where you don’t have an internet connection.




Want to see that new Kevin Hart movie from the comfort of your own home? Redbox has you covered. Much like FandangoNOW, it allows you to rent movies to watch wherever you might be. Redbox has many movies before they are actually available elsewhere (like Netflix, Google Play Movies, etc). Rentals are usually good for about 24 hours.




One of the few streaming apps on this list, Netflix has all sorts of movies available for you to stream including a slew of their own. Additionally, this week they introduced offline viewing, so you can download movies and TV shows to watch offline. Something that users had been asking for. Netflix starts at $7.99/month but there are some free trials available.

Google Play Movies & TV


Google Play Movies & TV has most movies and TV shows available for you to purchase or rent. Google does also have promos quite often to get a free rental or at least a half priced rental. So if you missed Central Intelligence being in the theater, you can watch it at home on movie night, and of course with a big bowl of popcorn.

100 Movies Quiz


Think you know your movies? Well test your knowledge in this new trivia game. This makes for a great game to play with family or friends, however it is not an online game, so you’ll have to play together (literally). It’ll ask you about movies, celebrities and so much more. Questions range from fill-in-the-blanks to multiple choice.

Moviefone – Movies & Showtimes


Moviefone will bring you the latest movies and showtimes for theaters in your area. If the movie you are looking for isn’t in theaters anymore, it will show you what apps you can watch it in. Like the HBO NOW app, Google Play Movies, or even XFINITY. Definitely a helpful app for that time that you decide to go watch a movie, without planning ahead.