Top 10 Best Final Fantasy Apps – December 2016

AH Top 10 Final Fantasy Apps

Everyone has a favorite game series, a favorite game genre, and a favorite cast of characters with which they can relate or feel otherwise connected or moved by. This tends to happen in games where the characters, story, and gameplay all weave together to form an unforgettable experience, and none arguably do this better than Final Fantasy. This is a series which has captivated millions of gamers the world over for decades and continues to do to this very day, with the latest title in the main franchise having just launched. With Final Fantasy XV hitting store shelves Tuesday morning, it seems fitting that we round up a list of ten of the best apps you could have on hand to enhance your Final Fantasy experience and display your love of Final Fantasy.


Kicking things off is an app which is sure to be great for any Final Fantasy fan, but it’s also great for other games too. The FAQr application is your ticket to all kinds of useful information about your favorite games, including those in the Final Fantasy series. Although not an official GameFAQ app, it still mirrors much what that site offers and is generally useful for reading up on a particular game if you have a question about something in it. The app even contains walkthroughs if you’re the type who prefers to have these at your side if you get stuck. Definitely a must have.


Final Fantasy VIIfinal-fantasy-vii

It wouldn’t be a list about a game series if at least some of the apps on the list weren’t games, and since this is Final Fantasy the list should certainly include what many believe to be the pinnacle of the series. Final Fantasy VII was in many ways the franchise’s defining entry, and offers up a story as well as characters that are rich in emotion and full of energy. The gameplay was refined from previous titles, while also adding new elements never before seen, and the graphics were groundbreaking for their time. There is much different here in the mobile port compared to the original, although there are a couple of additions, which include the option to turn off enemy encounters and the option to enable max stats, if you’d rather not enjoy the game as it was intended, of course.

PPSSPP Goldppsspp-gold


If you love your Final Fantasy games but much prefer to play ROMs instead of mobile ports, then you’ll want PPSSPP Gold, a PSP emulator that will give you the ability to boot up your favorite Final Fantasy titles in their ROM form. The app of course does not include these ROMs, as you’ll have to get those files yourself, but it does serve as a means to boot up the games, complete with a nice UI and controls to make sure you enjoy every moment of use.

Square Enix Software Tokensquare-enix-software-token

While not specifically a Final Fantasy only application, it does apply here, as Square Enix is the publisher behind the beloved series, and you can use this app to generate a random one-time password for logging into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which is the Final Fantasy MMO you can play on PC, and console. If you’re big on security, this isn’t a bad app to have.


Final Fantasy VIfinal-fantasy-vi

Next up is another entry into the main Final Fantasy series, and the other title which is commonly thought of the best in the entire franchise. Final Fantasy VI not only contains one of the largest character rosters throughout any of the games, but all the characters are memorable, and it features what most believe to be the most iconic Final Fantasy villain. This mobile port doesn’t include anything like turning off boss encounters, but it does take a page from the 2006 remake of this game and includes the magicites that were introduced with that version.

FFXIV: Libra Eorzeaffxiv-libra-eorzea


While not all players of Final Fantasy XIV will use this app, it’s a very handy tool to have at your side as you play, whatever the platform. This is essentially a large database of information about the game with everything from boss details to weapon and item information, quests, and achievements.

Justice Monsters Fivejustice-monsters-five

If you haven’t played or read about Final Fantasy XV, then you may not realize the significance of this particular game, and that’s totally ok. Justice Monsters Five is a pinball game that can be played as a mini game within Final Fantasy XV, the latest FF game to release in the series which just hit stores earlier this week, although the mobile game here has been available for the better part of a couple of months. You can expect some of the typical Final Fantasy fanfare, such as the epic music and anime themed art styles, and of course there is loads of fun in this one.


Fandom: Final Fantasyfandom-final-fantasy

If you’re a huge Final Fantasy fan, then this is an app worth checking out as it’s a wealth of information about all things Final Fantasy. Inside the app you’ll find links to articles about the series, specific games in the series, info on characters, storylines and more. There’s even a social tab to have discussions with other Final Fantasy fans.

Mobius Final Fantasymobius-final-fantasy


Even mega fans of the Final Fantasy series can do with some departure from the main series once in a while, and this game is a nice way to shake things up. Mobius Final Fantasy was created from the ground up specifically for mobile devices, and features rich, console-quality graphics and a great little story to match. It even has professional voice acting to further immerse you in the game. It’s also easy to play with one-handed controls, plus it’s free and you can’t go wrong with that, especially with this caliber of content.

Final Fantasy Portal Appfinal-fantasy-portal-app

Coming officially to you from Square Enix, this is your window to everything about Final Fantasy in the most official capacity possible. Inside the app you’ll find things like the triple triad mini game, as well as news and information about games in the franchise, details about upcoming games, and tie-ins to other Final Fantasy mobile games available on Android. If there’s one Final Fantasy app you need, this is it.