Tap Tap Reborn Is A Fast-Paced, Music-Oriented Game

By Kristijan Lucic December 30, 2016, 6:20am
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If you navigate to the Google Play Store and opt to look for games based on genres, you’ll notice that there are tons of genres you can choose from, ranging from action and arcade games all the way to strategy and music titles. Well, there are quite a few ‘music’ games available in the Google Play Store, not nearly as much as action, arcade or strategy titles, but from time to time, we do stumble upon some compelling music-themed games. Well, we’ve just come across one such game, a game that is called ‘Tap Tap Reborn’.

This is Musicrage’s first published game in the Google Play Store, and it’s actually quite good, even though it’s quite similar to some other games that have been published before Tap Tap Reborn. In any case, this is a fast-paced game in which you’re required to tap on a specific note as they pass scoring areas. You will be awarded extra points if you’re really precise and don’t miss notes that often. Now, your tapping is, of course, accompanied by music, and you can even choose which song you want to play as you’re playing certain levels. Do keep in mind that most songs are locked, and you’ll need to play the game in order to unlock them. The developers say that they update songs every week, which is a good thing to hear. You can challenge your friends to a match in this game as well, see who will do better in a specific setting.

This game is free to play, but do keep in mind that in-app purchases are available. The game’s UI sure is odd, mainly because of its menus which seem quite futuristic, you’ll either love those, or hate them, as it’s nowhere close to Material Design or anything of the sort. The game’s graphics are, however, really nice, and fit in quite nicely. We’ve included a number of official images in the gallery down below, just in case you need some more info before you try out this game. If you’d like to download Tap Tap Reborn, however, click on the Google Play banner which is placed below this article.

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December 30, 2016, 6:20am
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