Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Gets New, Exclusive Content


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a bit of a hit or miss for most players; it's more in-depth than the usual collect and battle mobile RPG, but it can still be a very eyes-off game, so the hardcore crowd may be less interested. At its core, it's yet another mindless loot grinder, with a few extra features and a Star Wars-themed coat of paint on top of all the non-action. Still, it's not only a Star Wars game, but the game du jour for the franchise, so it's only natural that it would get all the latest content related to the franchise. Just as there was a content pack to go with the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the game now has an available update with some Rogue One: A Star Wars Story content to celebrate the movie's release.

The new content comes mostly in the form of character packs, but there is at least one character that's actually exclusive to Android for now, and that's the K-2SO droid. The iconic robot, a fitting mascot for Android's exclusive content pack, is available right now for free to all users, and will be available all the way up until December 16. While EA is a bit tight-lipped about what other Android-exclusive content is on board, you can bet your bottom dollar that this new update will include some of the new characters and scenery from Rogue One, and that most of them will be just as hard to get in-game as any non-generic hero, unless you're willing to lay down some cold hard cash.

More content is sure to come out in the near future, and with very familiar faces for franchise fans such as Obi-Wan Kenobi's "Old Ben" form already on board, this game is likely going to be the best place for fans to get their fix, as long as they're okay with the exclusion of characters that Disney has dropped from the official Star Wars canon, such as Kyle Katarn and Darth Revan. The update is available now on the Play Store for all users, and K-2SO is available for free for a limited time.


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