Sprint Users Get Emailed About A Google Pixel Discount


Google's Pixel and Pixel XL are two of the hottest smartphones going, and for good reason; they've finally succeeded in doing what many people wished Google would do with the Nexus lineup, bringing stock Android to the masses, aggressively advertised and as Googly as possible. With Google's vision of the OS finally getting a seat at the table, people are finding out that they're actually Android purists in record numbers. The problem is that people who can't or don't want to finance through Google or haven't heard that the phone can be used on all networks are stuck with Verizon. T-Mobile made a bid to change that by offering Pixel users a discount, and now Sprint is looking to do the same.

An email going out to Sprint users on the sly, with no press release on the matter as of this writing, indicates that those who bring over their unlocked Pixel can pocket savings totaling up to $325, or about half the price of the cheapest Pixel model. While those who may have sprung for more storage or the popular Pixel XL variant won't be seeing a full half of their money back, getting an extra $13.55 per month off their bill and not having to pay off a device subsidy from Sprint makes them a pretty cheap and attractive option at the moment.

T-Mobile's deal ran along similar lines, with the same pricing and all. The Now Network may be ripping a page directly out of Legere's playbook here, but given the Pixel's popularity and the relatively unknown fact that it can be brought to other networks besides Verizon, they've chosen to rip out one of the best possible pages. Despite the lack of a press release at the moment, which may come later today, eager Pixel owners can probably head to their local Sprint store as soon as they read this and make the jump. The promotion is a targeted one and may only affect certain users, according to sources on Reddit. Additionally, a Sprint sales rep on the same Reddit thread indicated, as far as they are aware, the deal is only available in store. It's only going through December 31, according to the email, so Pixel owners wanting to cash in will have to do so before they begin their New Year's revelry.


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