Snapchat Spectacles Get Prescriptions From GlassesUSA

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Snapchat’s Spectacles are an entirely new breed of smart eyewear, tying in deeply to Snapchat and eschewing high function of its own. In another departure from most smart glasses and other head-mounted wearables, the Snapchat Spectacles are meant to also be fashionable. During a testing period, one could receive a pair simply by happening to stumble across the correct vending machine and having $130 on them in cash. Now, the Spectacles are going for fairly high prices online while would-be buyers wait for an official release. Despite not officially having dropped just yet, the Spectacles can now accommodate people who must wear prescription glasses, and does so in a way that’s quite unique within its market segment.

With the Snapchat Spectacles, prescription wearers can always grab contacts, forego their vision correction of choice, or try to fit the smart wearable over their prescription glasses, but Snapchat has partnered up with GlassesUSA to provide a rather unconventional option. For a mere $29, those who have their prescription information can get a pair of Snapchat Spectacles lenses in their prescription. The means that the Spectacles could potentially be somebody’s daily driver, replacing a conventional pair of glasses. Given the controversy over privacy and other factors that Google’s own Glass garnered back in its day, however, it may be a good idea to keep a pair of normal prescription glasses on hand, just in case, should you decide to fully commit to using Snapchat Spectacles at all times.

The options on offer via the GlassesUSA website seem to have something for just about everybody, and most options are included in the dirt cheap base price. A prism finish will cost $30 extra, while those who need bifocals will need to shell out an extra $99, and those who want progressive lenses for both distance and reading will find themselves out another $129. Single vision, near vision, and cosmetic lenses are included in the price of entry, though the availability and pricing of transition lenses that react to UV light are not mentioned on the page, if they are available at all. Those who want to keep extra lenses on hand and swap them at will, of course, will be able to do so quite easily.