Sling TV Will Be Launching Their Own Media Streaming Box

December 20, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Sling TV will be launching their own media streaming box sometime in the near future as a landing page for what the company is calling the AirTV Player has just surfaced over at their official website. The box comes clad in colors of white and blue and is accompanied by a remote that has an array of your standard buttons that can be found on any remote, like channel and volume management, a directional pad, and a mute button, as well as some non-standard buttons like a mic button that’s likely for voice activated searches. There is also a dedicated button for Google Search, a well as a dedicated button for opening up Netflix directly instead of having to navigate through the menu to it using the remote’s directional pad.

There isn’t really a whole lot of information on the AirTV Player just yet, so there is no word on whether the device will have some specific features that can’t be found within the apps that are available on various platforms. However, the AirTV Player landing page does mention that in addition to Netflix, the box will allow people access to other services like local network channels, and content that can be found within the Sling TV apps, so anything you can access on the app should be available through the AirTV Player so long as you have the subscription that’s required to use the Sling TV service.

Alongside the landing page for the AirTV Player, the support page is also live, although there is currently no information available there. This could be significant though as Sling TV may be gearing up to launch it soon since the support page is already up. Although it’s also possible that they’re holding out for an announcement during CES which begins in the first week of January. In addition to all of the networks that are shown in the image for the AirTV Player, Sling TV recently added access to networks like Cinemax for a $10 per month sub fee to their service, so any Sling TV customers who pay that fee should be able to get that on the AirTV Player as well, and it’s stated that you’ll be able to use the AirTV Player remote for sound systems.