Samsung's Galaxy S8 Could Feature 8GB Of RAM

Galaxy S7 Edge TD AH 1

With the release of Samsung’s next big flagship nearing, it’s no surprise that more and more leaks are appearing over time. According to the latest one, though, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 may well be the first smartphone to break the 6GB of RAM barrier by including a whopping 8GB of RAM, among other features.

According to a new leak, Samsung is reportedly toying with including 8GB of RAM inside its next flagship, something that is looking increasingly likely due to the company’s hopes of impressing consumers. Now, this is not the first time rumors have been floating around about the inclusion of 8GB of RAM, but it is the first time that the rumor is looking more and more likely, considering that, originally, most rumors pointed towards a 6GB of RAM configuration. The increased RAM was not the only thing, though. The rumor also states that Samsung will include UFS 2.1 (Universal Flash Storage) an upgrade over the UFS 2.0 standard that the Galaxy S7 line includes. Now, for those wondering what this actually means, it essentially will allow for quicker data transfers. This, along with the rumored iPhone-rivaling 256GB storage option, should help please a number of consumers, especially those looking for high amounts of internal storage.

With the upgrade in flash storage speed, it remains to be seen if Samsung will choose to remove the microSD card slot which many of the company’s customers enjoy. Though, it’s fair to say that, considering the backlash they received from the removal of the slot in the Galaxy S6 and the praise that came with its reinstatement last year, it’s looking increasingly unlikely the company would remove the microSD card slot just yet.


All of these features, along with the rumored increase in screen size, the removal of the company’s signature physical home button, a beast mode that will boost the performance and even the fact that both models will feature a dual-edge display, it’s certain that Samsung will be giving it all next year in order to regain the trust they lost with the Galaxy Note7 fiasco. Nonetheless, if everything goes well for Samsung and they also manage to release next year’s Galaxy Note device without any problems, it seems 2017 may well be one of the best years for the company.