RunGunJumpGun Is A Wacky, Fast-Paced 2D Action Game


We've been seeing a lot of ported games on Android lately. Various developers either port PC / PlayStation games on their own, or they partner up with mobile game development companies and do it that way. There are quite a few examples currently available in the Google Play Store, ranging from smaller games, all the way to heavyweight titles, like the GTA series, for example. Having that in mind, we're here to talk about yet another ported game today, a game that is called 'RunGunJumpGun', so, let's get started.

This game has been available on PC and MAC for quite some time now, and it is now finally available on Android as well. The title of this game is somewhat revealing, it's easy to notice that this is an action game, but the gameplay and graphics might surprise you if you have never played it. This is a 2D action game. The game is really fast-paced, it doesn't exactly give you any time to take a moment and collect yourself. This game relies on two buttons, one that lets you fly and the other one that lets you blast through various obstacles that you'll encounter during the game. There are three unique game worlds included here, and each of them is unique in its own right. Within those worlds, you'll be challenged by over 120 levels, and the developer did their best to differentiate when it comes to level design. The game also includes the so-called 'Marathon Mode', which allows you to compete for the global high score.

The graphics in this game are not exactly the most modern, but that doesn't hurt the gameplay, not at all. Hip hop and electronic music will follow you throughout this game, along with movie-score vibes. The game actually has a backstory as well, and you'll encounter various characters in the game, though the story is not exactly the main focus of RunGunJumpGun, of course. On top of all this, you're also able to collect 'Atomiks' in various levels, which will bring an extra level of insanity to the plate. Check out the embedded video down below, as it will show off some gameplay for you, so that you can decide whether to download the game or not. Speaking of which, this game is not free, it will cost you $4 should you choose to purchase it.


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