Report: T-Mobile To Stock But Not Sell The Pixel & Pixel XL


The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL are proving to be popular choices for consumers. Which to some is a little surprising as Google did not exactly make the two smartphones widely available to buy. Yes, they could buy either phone unlocked directly from the Google Store, although that typically requires an outright payment. While the only other real alternative was buying the Pixel or the Pixel XL from Verizon.

Well, in a strange turn of events it now seems that T-Mobile is preparing to stock the two Pixel Phones. However, according to the information coming through from a report out of Android Police, T-Mobile will not actually be selling the smartphones. That is, not selling them on behalf of T-Mobile anyway. As the report notes that the promoting of the Pixel phones will see T-Mobile staff redirecting interested buyers to pick up the handset either from the Google Store or from Best Buy. Needless to say, it seems unlikely T-Mobile will be redirecting those customers to Verizon.

Which seems to be the logic behind T-Mobile's end of the deal. As while they will be showcasing the Pixel and the Pixel XL in stores, they will be (presumably) looking to get the interested buyer(s) to sign up for a T-Mobile plan along the way and while purchasing the handset through the Google Store or Best Buy. Which if nothing else, seems to be a novel way around the 'only on Verizon' exclusivity. Of course, T-Mobile's 'bring your Pixel to T-Mobile' promotion is also likely to play a hand in the reasoning as to why T-Mobile are happy to take part in promoting but not selling the smartphones.


It is worth noting that at the moment this remains only a rumor with the information said to be coming from "sources familiar with T-Mobile's plans". However, according to those sources, T-Mobile is set to announce the launch of this initiative today or at the latest, tomorrow. So if correct, then it should not be too long before that news comes through. Although, it does remain open to debate as to how successful a promotional approach like this will be, or of course, what Verizon thinks of the whole thing.

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