Report: Spotify's Free Mobile Users To Gain Limited On-Demand


Music streaming services are quickly becoming a dime a dozen and while that is good for consumer choice, it also does mean that it can be hard at times to differentiate between them. More importantly, how to know which one is more suited to your needs and especially as they all tend to price their subscriptions and plans relatively around the same level. This is partly why music streaming services have been looking to try and offer forms of added-value to their services as a means to differentiate them from the rest. For instance, Google now offers access to YouTube Red with Play Music All Access subscriptions, while both Google Play Music and Spotify offer limited access to music content for free.

However, as to be expected there are caveats and in both cases the free aspects normally manifest themselves as more of a radio service where songs are played through without the user being able to choose. This is where the latest news comes in, as a report out of The Verge, which in turn accredits unnamed sources, states that Spotify is looking to offer users a new feature dubbed 'Jump In'. The details of which are still fairly vague, although the assumption being made is that the user will have more control over what they can listen to and especially when it comes to select playlists. Instead of the free user having to rely on the 'shuffle' mode (as is currently the case), the user will be able (to some degree) choose the song(s) they want to listen to.

At the moment, this does just seem to be a feature that the company is toying with and the information does not offer any firm details on when, or even if, the new feature will become available to free users on mobile. In fact, the unnamed sources state that Spotify is currently in negotiations with the major labels over the details. With the same sources noting that those negotiations are not expected to conclude anytime soon. So it does seem to be the case that unless agreements are made with the labels, then there is every chance that the new Jump In feature will not actually make it to free users at all.

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